Become a Volunteer

Click on the button below that will take you to the CLLS Volunteer Portal. Once on this site, you can sign up to become a volunteer.

Welcomed from a diversified background, volunteers serve and support fundraising activities, on-site work, and administer our operations to help restore, promote and manage our heritage. While not required to become a volunteer, we encourage you to become a CLLS Member.

There are many ways to volunteer for the lighthouse group. For example, at the beginning of each season, we ask for volunteers to help in the spring cleanup or to help out on specific duties such as dock works and other small projects during the summer months.

Volunteers also act as interpreters for our visitors when for example, they become a Host Keeper and can engage in programming activities, especially beneficial for student learning.

Volunteers also assist in administration, fundraising and public presentations. If you want to be a volunteer, please click on the CLLS Volunteer Portal button (left side of this page) which will then take you to the CLLS Volunteer Portal where you can provide information about yourself and identify ways that you would like to contribute your skills, expertise and experience.

Once you sign up to be a CLLS Volunteer on the CLL Volunteer Portal, you will be contacted to engage with CLLS volunteer activities. The CLLS Volunteer Portal can be assessed via a computer using your internet browser or you can download the free "MyImpact" app from the Google App Store or from the Apple App Store. With the App, you can manage your profile, volunteer for activities, record your time, see your upcoming volunteer calendar and see who you would be volunteering with on a specific activity.

The CLLS Volunteer Management System helps the CLLS to safely manage and match the volunteer's skills and interests with the projects and volunteer activities that have been planned, in a safe manner.

If you have any questions, please contact the CLLS Volunteer Coordinator