Trowbridge Island Lighthouse

Trowbridge Island Lighthouse is located near the feet of the majestic Sleeping Giant formation and is part of Sleeping Giant Provincial Park.

The destination is close to the hamlet of Silver Islet, home to a mine that produced over $3 million of silver in the 19th century. “Trowbridge Island was named after Charles A. Trowbridge, secretary and one of original New York syndicate members of Silver Islet Mining Company, and whose uncle (Charles C. Trowbridge — former mayor of Detroit & friend of Henry Schoolcraft the creator of The Legend of Hiawatha) was married to the sister of the president of Silver Islet Mining Company, Alexander Sibley. So the Sibley and Trowbridge families connected.” (Elle-Andra Warner)

The outstanding lighthouse on a crest of rock, is under lease from Canada Fisheries and Oceans and is managed by the Canadian Lighthouses of Lake Superior. Assessment of the site and plans are underway to restore and preserve the facilities.

The dwellings remain closed to visitors but work is progressing on the exterior. If you want to visit the lighthouse be advised that access is limited.

Island Map