Porphyry Island Lighthouse

Porphyry Island Lighthouse is located on the eastern side of the Black Bay Peninsula, 40 km east of Thunder Bay. You can access the island through the Silver Islet boat ramp to get to the water. Most visitors arrive by power boat, sailing craft or by kayak. Landing is suggested at the northwest bay on Porphyry Island, just to the south of Walkers Channel. Amenities include two docks with a four feet draft for boaters. Sailing craft can moor in the bay. There are picnic tables, a fire pit, camp area, and a boat house to welcome guests. Onsite, there are several kilometers of walking trails, one of which takes you to the point on Porphyry Island. The walking trail bisects Porphyry Island Provincial Park Nature Reserve. Programs include the Artist-in-Residence, Host Keeper and the Canada Summer Jobs for students. At the point, there are two dwellings, a light tower, a fog alarm building and camping areas. Docks are 40ft and 20ft. in length The lighthouse when built in 1873, was the second lighthouse constructed on Lake Superior. In the 1960’s, further work was done to include a 25m steel tower and a second dwelling was also added at that time. in 1989 the lighthouse went into automatic mode, dispensing with 106 years of lighthouse keeping. The visitors in the summer months will be greeted by CLLS staff who will be more than pleased to show you around. The site is currently leased from Canada Fisheries and Oceans.

To learn about observations made for animals, birds, plants and flowers that have been sighted on Porphyry Island, please click on this link: iNaturalist Canada - Porphyry Island